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The Contraception Opera

3m 56s
United States
Produced by: UNKNOWN

Learn how to avoid getting pregnant through the medium of dance with VideoJug's Contraception Opera.

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The Contraception Opera

Posted by Anonymous (3895 days ago)
This is really funny and also gets the point across on how to prevent STI's and pregnancy. Its definitely too long to be a commercial shown on TV but it can definitely help educate young teens/adolescents about contraception.
Posted by Anonymous (4362 days ago)
I LOVE THIS STUFF! Teaching Human Sexuality to 300 kids this minute at Univ. of Florida. Golly gosh jee, I hope I can find something on "how to get off without getting STI's" too...
Posted by Anonymous (5161 days ago)
tremendous use of somewhat comical, yet exceptionally accurate information!