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“The Netflix of Sex Education” — Douglas Braun-Harvey, MFT CGP —


SexSmartFilms blazes a new modern path through the complex diversity of modern sex education. … We welcome you.


SexSmartFilms proudly serves as a repository for some of the world’s most influential films on human sexuality.


The sexual and gender diversity of our library has made us the video tool box for leading therapists and their clients.

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Kenya - "UMBRELLA"

from Kenya (2004)

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Dr. Mark Schoen

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Sexual Literacy

SexSmartFilms has been listening to our viewers!

With this evolution of the site, not only have we dramatically increased the video and audio quality of our archives, but we have made it much easier to organize the tracks you find yourself referring to “regularly” in your particular circumstance.

  1. Just click the Add to Favorites ribbon on each selection you would like to index.
  2. Then when you click on your name after logging in you will proceed to your account page. We now have an entire, easy to find and navigate, section called My Favorites. If you simply go to this page every time you log on, you will have all your materials in one place, only a click away.

If you have other enhancements you would like to see, do not hesitate to use the contact form and let us know. We encourage community involvement at SexSmartFilms.

The Doctor Is In

Meet Mark Schoen Ph.D

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SexSmartFilms preserves, archives and showcases films addressing sexual health issues. Ranging from classic to contemporary, these films all have a common theme — providing accurate sex information. We work hard to provide content appropriate for all age groups, and for your convenience, use subject, age group, and content to categorize our library.

We are here to help you get the sexual information you want.  All videos are screened by experts before they are approved to go live on SexSmartFilms. You can help us maintain a high quality of information and learning by rating and/or commenting on videos viewed.  Remember, we delete videos getting consistently low ratings. Your critical comments may be helpful to future viewers.  Telling why the video worked for you can be useful to the SexSmartFilm Community.